Taylor Swift's Cats Top the List of the Most Searched for Celebrity Pets of 2020

Matalan looked at Google search data to find out which celebrity pets animal lovers were obsessed with this year

Taylor Swift cat
Photo: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Taylor Swift's surprise Folklore album might've been some of the biggest music news of 2020, but her cats were making waves too.

British retailer Matalan took a look at the Google search data for celebrity pets in 2020 and found that Taylor Swift trio of kittiesMeredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button — were the most searched for pets of the year. The felines, who frequently make appearances on Swift's Instagram, inspired over 979,000 searches.

Coming in second place, but with far fewer searches, according to Matalan, is Kylie Jenner's numerous dogs who racked up over 206,000 searches. The dogs also placed second in Matalan's list of the Most Followed Celebrity Pets on Instagram. The Instagram account that earned the spot focuses on Jenner's dog Norman and Bambi, two Italian greyhounds, who are known for having a surprise litter of puppies in 2016. The canine couple's Instagram account boasts over 380,000 followers, even those it hasn't been updated in years.

The famous furry friend that beat out Jenner's dogs for the title of Matalan's Most Followed Celebrity Pet, is Justin Bieber's dog, Oscar. Adopted by Bieber and Hailey Baldwin in 2018, the little pup has over 937,000 followers on his account.

Other beloved celebrity pets, like Amanda Seyfried's dog, Sophie Turner's pups, and Ed Sheeran cats, also make an appearance on Matalan's two lists. Animal lovers can find the complete results on the retailer's website.

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