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There were plenty of moments from Miss Americana that blew us away, including Taylor Swift’s pure talent in her songwriting sessions, how well-spoken she can be on political issues, and her struggles with her eating disorder. However, aside from the many raw personal insights, one moment from the Netflix documentary that the Internet hasn’t been able to stop thinking about is something completely less serious (and no, we’re not talking about how she didn’t eat a burrito until her late 20s).

Just after Swift discusses the music video for “ME!” with collaborator Brendon Urie, the documentary cuts to a scene where one of the biggest pop stars of our generation is getting off her plane — with a cat backpack on her shoulders! Olivia Benson, the singer’s white cat, bobbles along in a brown leather backpack that comes with breathing holes. Swift hasn’t confirmed exactly where she found her pet carrier, but we’ve discovered lookalikes that you can get on Amazon.

cat backpack
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Buy It! Aukor Cat Backpack, $36.99;

Although Swift’s was brown, Aukor’s pink backpack looks extremely similar structure-wise to the one seen in Miss Americana (it’s about 47 minutes into the documentary, for those who need to see it for themselves). Its front bubble dome can be replaced with a breathable mesh panel, and there are side holes that ensure the flow of fresh air. The backpack also comes with zippers that can completely remove the backpack’s structured sides, so your cat can easily walk in and out of it.

Shoppers who bought Aukor’s carrier are pretty much obsessed with it. One reviewer wrote, “My kitten loves this, she comes running when she hears the zippers jingling and even sleeps in it when we’re inside and it’s in the closet. Everyone who sees it loves it.”

The Aukor cat backpack isn’t the only option on Amazon — check out other great cat carriers that shoppers love below (including one that’s 56 percent off right now).

cat backpack

Buy It! Jahuite Upgraded Cat Backpack, $56.95 (orig. $129);

cat backpack
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! AntTech Breathable Pet Travel Backpack, $33.88 (orig. $45.88);

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