The former Olympic figure skater shared last year that her adorable dog, Dublin, is fighting two forms of cancer

By Vanessa Etienne
June 08, 2021 04:13 PM
Tara Lipinski
Credit: Tara Lipinski/ instagram

Tara Lipinski is spending as much time as she can with her dog.

On Monday, the 38-year-old former Olympic figure skater shared a photo on Instagram of her with Dublin and penned a tribute to the animal in the shot's caption. The picture shows her sitting on the floor, rubbing her pup as he lays by her side.

"Soaking up literally every second left with him. I can't imagine not seeing his adorable face and wagging tail," wrote Lipinski. "If you know Dubs, you know how incredibly special he is. The last ten years, he has been with me through so many phases of my life, bringing a smile to my sad days and making my good days even better. He's brought me so much happiness and is one of the best things about this family."

"I wish I could put into words what this little (big) man has meant to me. My heart is breaking but I know he's had an amazing life and I'm so lucky he was mine," she continued.

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In February 2020, Lipinski revealed that Dublin is fighting two aggressive forms of cancer. After losing one of his legs and spending most of last year undergoing chemo treatment, Dublin likely doesn't have much time left with Lipinski and her husband Todd Kapostasy, the athlete shared in an update in September.

"I have learned more than I ever thought I would from watching Dublin go through his cancer journey," she told her followers at the time. "He wakes up every morning with his tail wagging, truly loving life and living in the moment. I remind myself daily - BE MORE LIKE DUBLIN."

Dublin first came into Lipinski's world when her parents gifted her the brown, flat-coated retriever on her birthday years ago as a sweet surprise. Back in 2018, she described the moment she met the pooch for the first time to PeopleTV. One day, she came home to find her lawn decked out in "It's a Boy!" signs and blue balloons. Confused as to whose baby shower she'd just wandered into, Lipinksi said she saw her parents waiting to greet her with a tiny Dublin in their arms. 

Dublin and the figure skater have been inseparable ever since. Lipinski said her dog, whose tail is always wagging, often travels with her and her husband, especially to the beach.