Uni has Leucism which affects the pigmentation of the skin and hair

By Kelli Bender
August 19, 2016 02:52 PM
Source: Uni Racoon/Facebook

You’ve never seen a raccoon quite like this before.

Not only is Uni a domesticated raccoon living in Taiwan, he also has a distinct cinnamon color and love for outrageous fur styles. All of these pros are making him a hit on Facebook, where he has over 6,500 followers, reports Buzzfeed.

The 2-year-old cutie belongs to Joyce Tai, who takes the pet in every year to get vaccinated and shaved. Instead of just clearing off all of Uni’s fur, Tai, 33, often chooses a unique design to be shaved on Uni’s back, like a heart or a dog paw. This shearing helps the raccoon stay cool, clean and healthy.

The color of Uni’s fur comes from the disorder Leucism, which leads to the partial loss of pigmentation in the skin and hair. Tai adopted Uni from a friend two years ago, when the raccoon was just a baby, in Taiwan, where having a raccoon as a pet is legal.

Uni’s owner said she didn’t pick the pale pet for Internet fame, but is happy that others enjoy watching him as much as she does.

“I’m just a normal working class person who wants to share photos of Uni with others to bring them some joy,” she said.

Keep them coming!