It's Take Your Dog to Work Day! Find Out Which American Companies Are the Most Pet-Friendly

At these offices your canine can be your coworker every day

Most Dog Friendly Offices

Today, pups across the country are putting on their best neckties and grabbing their attaché cases, because it’s Take Your Dog to Work Day.

For this one day, there is no need to battle through the separation anxiety you feel leaving your pooch behind as you head out the door.

But what if your best friend could be your canine coworker every day of the work week? For some lucky pet parents this is a reality. In honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day, Wellness Natural Pet Food rounded up some of the most dog-friendly offices in the country, workspaces where pups are allowed to paw in each and every day.

So take a look at 10 of the best offices in the country for dog owners, and then start filling out some applications.

Kimpton Hotels

America Dog Friendly Offices

The same rule that applies to guests, applies to employees: If your pet can fit through the doors of the hotel, they are welcome. Kimpton also has several animals on staff, hiring Directors of Pet Relations at many of their hotels to keep everyone happy.


America Dog Friendly Offices

This Santa Monica, California, based company offers pet insurance and on-site dog walkers for those busy days in the office. Dog moms and dads on staff are encouraged to join the Dog Owner Town Hall meetings, where fun, dog-centric company events are planned.

Life Is Good

America Dog Friendly Offices

Dogs are always welcome in the offices of this company, because they are part of what makes life so good. The company has also found that having pets on the premises make employees more content, active and productive.


America Dog Friendly Offices

Almost everyone at this company brings their dog to work, including the CEO. To celebrate all these pup employees, HubSpot creates a calendar of the employees’ dogs each year and donates proceeds from the sale of this calendar to local animal shelters.


America Dog Friendly Offices

Of course a dog toy and gear company has canines in the office — they are valued product testers. Pets belonging to employees enjoy free roam of this Massachusetts office and are often featured on the company’s website.

Clif Bar & Company

Most Dog Friendly Offices

This company has been dog friendly since it started 25 years ago, because they knew from the get-go that more dogs equals more happiness in the office.


America Dog Friendly Offices
Emil Andrews

The crafty company finds that having dogs on site encourages creativity and communication, two keys to its success.

The Nerdery

America Dog Friendly Offices

Dogs are allowed everyday in all of The Nerdery’s offices. The company also goes out of its way to help pets everywhere, by creating pro-bono sites for animal rescues across the country.


America Dog Friendly Offices
Courtesy Bitly

The employees at this company always have their dogs by their sides.

Wellness Natural Pet Food

America Dog Friendly Offices

Employees can bring their pets in every day, but on Take Your Dog to Work day the company goes all-out, offering free dog grooming, massage and ice cream treats.

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