July 15, 2009 11:45 AM

With the sunny days of summer comes more time spent outdoors – and more reason to keep your pet hydrated, wherever you may go. We found a perfect solution: Floaa’s (For Love of All Animals) Dish-sposables, a biodegradable paper bowl designed specifically with your mobile furry friend in mind.

Unlike store-bought paper plates, Floaa’s new reusable bowls – made from sugar-cane fiber – are 100 percent compostable! “I was inspired to develop something that would be sturdy, environmentally friendly and sanitary,” Floaa owner Sharon Greenan tells PEOPLE Pets. “While feeding my own dogs on paper plates at times, I thought of developing something that would be biodegradable and sturdy.”

Not only did Greenan, an animal lover and mom to an Australian cattle dog mix named Rusty (above), fill a void with Dish-sposables’ eco-friendly form, but her patented design enables your dog or cat to drink from the center well and eat kibble out of the outer rim.

Dish-sposables bowls, available in packages of 10 for $6.99, are ideal for travel (they’re stackable), days out at the park and feeding multiple pets on playdates.

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