Have your tried squatting your dog? Because hundreds of Instagram dog owners want you to take the challenge

Credit: Getty

Scrolling through Instagram, something caught our eye.

Across the social network, people are posing with their dogs. Not unusual mind you, but this new pose is something different. Instead of cradling their dogs like babies or getting close for a selfie, pup owners are picking up their pooches and using them to enhance their squats.

Hence, #SquatYourDog is now a sensation spreading across Instagram with hundreds of animal lovers carefully grabbing their dogs and sweating it out. It’s really a win-win situation. You get to burn some calories and your pup gets a break from being on four paws.

And it’s not only bodybuilders that are adding some woofing weight to their workouts; all kinds of dog owners with all different kinds of dogs are getting in on the trend.

Some have the benefit of squatting with slightly smaller pups.

Do you think you are ready for the #SquatYourDogChallenge? Watch a few more videos with your pup to master the form, and then get squatting!