My Pillow Pet Bed tucks your cat or dog in snuggly.

By Mary Sheely
December 16, 2009 07:15 AM

Want to tuck your pet in for the night, but not so keen on him sharing your bed? Perhaps a My Pillow Pet Bed from Annie’s Sweatshop is in order. The shop name is a winking misnomer for the Etsy seller, who does all her own sewing with sustainable fabrics from the Athens, Ga., home she shares with two miniature dachshunds.

The My Pillow Pet Bed has a removable, interchangeable, customizable pillow sham base that snaps to a blanket; you can mix and match base and blanket colors to your heart’s desire. And the rest of the setup is simple – simply slip the fleece over an old bed pillow, and you’re set.

Because it’s pillow-sized, this pet bed is suited to a small dog or even a cat. The big plus to that pillow, beside reuse? It smells like you, so your pal will feel even more safe and secure.

Annie’s Sweatshop has a big selection of other eco-friendly products, too, from flashy leashes made from recycled neckties to some crazily cute pet coats and scarves. And if you send in the working parts of an old collar or leash for Annie to use in your new creation, you’ll get a $5 rebate on your purchase. That should make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Buy any Annie’s Sweatshop goods at her Etsy site, and enjoy more photos at the Annie’s Sweatshop blog.