The Pomeranian mix is the perfect actress, unlike her sibling Rigby

Susan Sarandon’s dog, Penny, is already an accomplished actress – having appeared on TV in Rescue Me (twice!) and in a number of movies, including the 2006 film Bernard and Doris. But the Pomeranian-Maltese mix is working hard to add more credits to her resume.

“I’m hoping Penny is going to be in the movie I’m doing with Richard Gere. I’m going to bring her to the set,” Sarandon told at The Endrometriosis Foundation of America 3rd Annual Blossom Ball last week.

Sadly, Penny’s acting chops haven’t rubbed off on Sarandon’s other dog, Rigby. “The other one is a nightmare, so I can’t bring her,” she says. “She eats everything that you find, everything she’ll eat anything. Penny, you put her down and she just sits there.”

The doggie duo is a lot like The Odd Couple. “They’re just very funny together the two of them. Because they trash talk each other for absolutely no reason,” she said. “I guess because they’re sick of living together.”