The actress even walks the 'pretty' animals on a leash on her Nashville farm

Nicole Kidman may be a glamorous movie star, but she lives a decidedly more rustic life on her farm in Nashville. Life there is slow and easy for Kidman and her family, which includes country star Keith Urban and their daughter, Sunday Rose – as well as a few furrier members.

It turns out that the farm is also home to some alpacas, fluffy camelids that are found mostly in South America – but also on the Kidman-Urban property in Tennessee. During an appearance Tuesday on Conan O’Brien’s late-night talk show, the actress talked about her interest in the animals.

“Why [alpacas]? Because they’re pretty,” she said in response to an incredulous O’Brien. “They have the long lashes. Have you seen them?”

Kidman and Sunday often take strolls with their gentle pets. “You can walk them around on a leash,” Kidman said. “We have a two-year-old who loves them.”

Kidman also told O’Brien that she has always wanted “a mix of weird animals,” though alpacas are as odd as they get … so far. The creatures are apparently just a stepping stone for Kidman’s interest in exotic animals; she eventually hopes to get some snakes as well.