Surfers Share Their Shark Attacks Stories and Why They Are Still Surfing for SharkFest

National Geographic's SharkFest continues this week with Shark vs. Surfer and more jaw-some programs

National Geographic's SharkFest, a 5-week block of shark-infested programming, is still swimming on to TVs this summer, so keep an eye on the horizon for fins.

This toothy celebration of the oceans' apex predators will feature a new show this weekend. Shark vs. Surfer will premiere on National Geographic on Sunday, August 2. at 8 p.m./7 p.m. CST with an encore presentation on Nat Geo WILD on Thursday, August 13, at 9 p.m./8 p.m. CST.

This new special focuses on the rising number of shark attacks worldwide and the surfers at the center of many of them. Shark vs. Surfer visits shark-infested surfing destinations the world over and includes interviews with surfers who have tangled with sharks at these locations. The interviews delve into the shocking details of what happened and why many of the surfers have continued to ride the waves after their attacks.

Kristy Struwig, Denver Struwig and Tyrell Jordan
Kira Ivanoff/National Geographic
Dustin Philips
Kyle Swann/National Geographic

Shark vs. Surfer also includes insights from marine biologists Ryan Johnson and Dr. Stephen Kajiura to provide context on just how likely shark attacks are while surfing at these popular, shark-filled spots.

Of course, there is plenty more shark-infested television filling National Geographic. In the above video, SharkFest host Kenny Mayne has a look at some of the most exciting highlights of SharkFest so far and a peek at what kind of fin-tastic action you can expect moving forward.

The next week of SharkFest will happen on National Geographic, followed by another two weeks of TV about these fascinating underwater predators on Nat Geo WILD. This solid five-week block of shark-filled television will include 17 original premieres and hours of captivating content from National Geographic expansive archives.

Tune in to Shark vs. Surfer and more as SharkFest continues on National Geographic.

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