The two 10-day-old kittens were found by a good Samaritan

By Amy Jamieson
Updated April 05, 2016 07:34 PM

A concerned mother cat living at Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation in Walnut Creek, California, is nursing an abandoned pair of kittens found in a dumpster by a good Samaritan.

The cat named Shannara, who just weaned her own litter of four kittens last week, heard the kittens’ cries when they came to the foundation’s clinic and immediately began trying to locate them, according to a Facebook post.

“So we brought them all into a quiet room, introduced them … and then this happened,” said the post, which included a video of the trio cuddling. “Mom’s making ‘muffins,’ the babies are nursing heartily, and everybody’s headed to a foster home tonight!”

Firefighters-in-training for Contra Costa County Fire Protection District helped rescue the kittens — now named Miracle and Milagro — from the dumpster. The names for the cats, including the “superstar mama,” as she was dubbed on Facebook, were selected from Facebook suggestions.

“Thanks to their extra-alert senses and quick thinking, they saved these babies from what would have been a heartbreaking fate,” says a Facebook post, which shared a picture of the firefighters holding the sweet babies.