This Cooling Outdoor Dog Bed Is So Comfortable, Pet Owners Say Their Pups Refuse to Get Off

“It's an ‘absolutely cannot live without’ item”

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Superjare XLarge Outdoor Dog Bed
Photo: Amazon

There's nothing better than kicking back and catching some rays with your pup. But if you've noticed that your dog overheats easily, it may be time to find a comfier and shadier place for them to lay out. In fact, there's one dog bed that's generating a lot of buzz among pet owners because of its genius design that their furry friends just can't get enough of: the SuperJare Outdoor Dog Bed.

Elevated for optimal ventilation and made of a breathable mesh-like Oxford fabric, the Amazon's Choice dog bed keeps your pup cool and protected from the sun, thanks to its removable canopy. The durable dog bed, which can also be used for cats and other pets that enjoy chilling outdoors, is built to withstand scratching, chewing, and other doggy antics, and can easily be wiped clean when messes arise. Not only is it great for backyards, but its portable silhouette makes it perfect for any outdoor adventure you and your dog have planned — the beach, the park, the campsite, you name it. Pet owners have their choice of two sizes: Large (36 x 30 x 35.5 inches) or extra-large (48 x 36 x 43.2 inches). Both are available in three colors.

Superjare XLarge Outdoor Dog Bed

Buy It! SuperJare Outdoor Dog Bed, $59.99,

Amazon customers say they were blown away by how durable the dog bed is. In fact, one reviewer shared that the canopy stayed securely fastened during windy days and the bed hasn't shown any signs of wear, even after their two Siberian Huskies got acclimated. Many were also happy to report it provides enough support for their pups with stiff joints, and it's raised just high enough for old dogs to jump on and off easily, too.

"It's an 'absolutely cannot live without' item," raved one shopper. "It lives in the back of my truck, and withstands tons of tossing, and rinsing off in saltwater."

According to another shopper, it may take your dog some time to get adjusted to the elevation. But once they do, they'll never want to get off the bed. "Once [my dog] was comfortable with it, he slept on it all the time," they wrote. "This bed allows him to sleep comfortably, a few inches off the ground. The air can circulate around him, keeping him cool, and it also keeps the bugs off him. He goes swimming in the morning and can come back and lie down on his bed and dry off quicker."

And, most importantly, it does a great job of keeping your dog out of the sun. "My dog likes to bask in the sun, but she does so in our stone driveway so I thought this would be more comfortable for her," one pet owner explained. "The other reason I got this was for the canopy. She ends up getting hot on sunny days, so I thought this might help with that too. After a little encouragement, she jumped on and hasn't gotten off! She loves it."

Grab the SuperJare Outdoor Dog Bed on Amazon today so you and your pup can have a summer full of outdoor adventures together.

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