Super PAC Bringing Puppies to Voting Stations to Encourage Millennial Voters

NextGen Climate is planning on bringing puppies to polling stations to encourage listless Milennials to vote.

U.S. Citizens Head To The Polls To Vote In Presidential Election
Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty

If you weren’t planning on voting this election — and if not, really? Shame! — one of the biggest PACs is hoping to woo you. With puppies.

NextGen Climate, the climate change-oriented PAC from billionaire investor Tom Steyer, announced Friday that it’s planning to bring puppies to events in Iowa, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada and New Hampshire. It’s also launching a digital campaign to recruit puppy volunteers for further events.

“We want every young voter to make it to the polls by Election Day, so we’ve enlisted our most loyal companions to help during this historic election,” Nick Ellis, the group’s “National Puppy Coordinator” (Side note: #JobGoals), told Business Insider. “We are excited about this new approach to voter outreach.”

Per a NextGen rep, the idea came about when the PAC “noted anecdotally” that the presence of puppies increased voter registrations and commitments to vote at locations. It has also noted, anecdotally, that the sky is blue.

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Young voters are famously unreliable and even less so in this election year where they seem more dissatisfied with their choices than in prior elections.

“You’re looking at the largest age cohort in the United States right now — bigger than the baby boomers — that is passionate about energy and climate, and doesn’t participate at levels that are commensurate with its numbers,” Steyer said. “It makes total sense to try and talk to them on the issues, get them involved, try and get them to understand the true significance of their vote, and encourage higher participation.”

So, now it’s come to this. Puppies at the polls. I give up. 2016, you win.

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