In the Super Bowl of Pet Names, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots Win

A pet insurance company found that there are 34 pets named Tom and one cat named Tom Brady

There are a lot of pets named Tom out there.

In its annual Super Bowl of Pet Names, PetFirst Pet Insurance measured which of this year’s Super Bowl contenders — the New England Patriots and L.A. Rams — inspired the most pet names.

Each year, the pet insurance company takes a look at its nationwide database of cat and dog policyholders to see how many pets share a name with players on the each Super Bowl team.

This year, the New England Patriots were the winner of this lesser-known Super Bowl. Policy-holding pets were almost twice as likely to share a name with a Patriots player over a Rams athlete.

Out of all the animals in its database, PetFirst found that 151 of the pets shared a name with a Patriot, while only 61 shared a name with a Ram.

This win was in big part thanks to Tom Brady, who scored 74 points — 34 pets had the same first name as the New England quarterback and 39 pets had the name Brady. Plus, one cat was flat-out named Tom Brady. There were no pets that shared Rams quarterback Jared Groff’s first or last name, though there were 16 pets who shared a first name with Rams defensive end Dante Fowler.

There was also one pet named Patriot, though zero named Ram.

We’ll see if the numbers shift after one team takes home the real Super Bowl win on Sunday.

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