The sports star and his wife Ashley, a professional dog trainer, are fostering kittens Apple Jack, Cocoa Puff, Lucky Charm, and Fruity Pebble

By Kelli Bender
August 05, 2020 08:13 PM
Logan Ryan
Friends of Strays Animal Shelter

Apple Jack, Cocoa Puff, Lucky Charm, and Fruity Pebble have essentially won the Super Bowl for foster kittens after finding a temporary home with Logan Ryan and his wife Ashley.

The four tiny cats from the Friends of Strays Animal Shelter in St. Petersburg, Florida were recently fostered by the two-time Super Bowl champion and former New England Patriot cornerback, who last played with the Tennessee Titans in the 2019 season.

"The Ryans, well known for their work in animal welfare, are fostering four kittens for Friends of Strays who were found orphaned under an abandoned building in Largo, Florida," Friends of Strays Animal Shelter wrote in a Facebook post featuring photos of Ryan and his wife, Ashley, with the kittens.

Logan's family, which includes children Avery and Otto, will care for the kitten quartet, all named after different cereals until they are ready to be adopted. The shelter expects Apple Jack, Cocoa Puff, Lucky Charm, and Fruity Pebble to be ready for forever homes starting in late August or early September.

Logan Ryan and his wife Ashley
Friends of Strays Animal Shelter

Caring for animals is nothing new in the Ryan household. In 2017, Logan and Ashley, who is a professional dog trainer, founded the Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation "which partners with animal welfare organizations around the world promoting adoption and offering grants and educational opportunities to better the lives of animals," according to the Friends of Strays Animal Shelter.

"Logan and Ashley have used their platform to do some amazing work for the animal welfare world and we are thrilled to have them volunteering their time as foster parents for Friends of Strays," Friends of Strays CEO, Dara Eckart, said in a statement. "Jack, Puff, Lucky, and Pebble were understandably nervous and timid when they first entered into our care, but the entire Ryan family has done an incredible job caring for them, socializing them, and building their confidence so they can transition seamlessly into their forever homes. Friends of Strays is very grateful to have them on our team."

While these four kittens are currently not available for adoption, Friends of Strays has plenty of animals looking for homes right now.

For the month of August, the shelter is waiving cat and kitten adoption fees for all essential workers as a part of their Felines for Frontliners campaign.