There is no consensus in the animal world on who will win Super Bowl LII

By Kelli Bender
February 02, 2018 01:19 PM
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Sure, there are sports professionals and broadcasters who have dedicated their whole lives to worshipping the pigskin and the “art” of football. They probably know what they are talking about when they offer Super Bowl LII predictions, too. But watching animals make their calls is just more fun. And there are plenty of creatures who want to weigh in on how this year’s rumble between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots is going to play out.

Plied with a little bit of food, Fiona the baby hippo, April the giraffe and animals of all sizes (from rescue skunks to elephants) happily made their predictions know this week. But as it turns out, in the animal world there is no consensus on a winner, either.

Read on to see who these four-legged fans are rooting for.

Fiona the Baby Hippo

Unable to ignore the temptation of a crisp piece of lettuce, social media darling Fiona the baby hippo, now 1 year old, revealed that she is rooting for the Eagles, though she did flirt with the leaf over the by the Patriots box. Maybe she predicts a close game?

Jimmy Fallon Prediction Puppies

Every year Jimmy Fallon trots out a bevy of adorable little dogs to make a call on who’s going to win football’s biggest game. Hopefully that fact that these pups are so precious makes it easier for Eagles fans to swallow the puppies’ Patriots win prediction.

April the Giraffe

Maybe you remember waiting for months for April the Giraffe’s baby to arrive after weeks of erroneous predictions, so perhaps take her football forecast with a grain of salt. The super mom predicted a Patriots victory.

Dallas Zoo Lions

These predators also predicted a Patriots win at Super Bowl LII, choosing between two different colored ice cakes.

Pigs on Live with Kelly and Ryan

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest raced pigs for their prediction. Seacrest’s pig, who was decked out in a New England jersey, won the footrace by a landslide.

Florian Rescue Skunk

Florian the rescue striped skunk from North Carolina’s Museum of Life and Science thinks the Patriots stink and believes the Eagles are going to Disney World after the big win.

Moody Gardens Stingrays

Moody Gardens aquarium let its entire tank of rays choose a winner. For a while the rays had an even spilt, but eventually the Eagles won out with the majority of the swimmers choosing them as champs.

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Bubbles the Elephant

Like all elephants, this beloved rescue never forgets. After analyzing all the data, the thoughtful pachyderm chose the Eagles.

Lucas Lamb and Romy Sheep

Two of Jon Stewart and wife Tracey’s rescue animals, who live at Farm Sanctuary, made their predictions via socks — and gut instincts. Newcomer Lucas went straight for the Eagles-themed footwear, while Romy … well just watch ’til the end to hear what he has to “say.”

Super Bowl LII kicks off at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday night, Feb. 4, live from Minneapolis on NBC.