Bagel was born without eyelids and needs her sunglasses to protect her from debris and particles

By Kelli Bender
Updated December 08, 2020 10:34 AM

It’s National Bagel Day, and to mark this joyous carb-loaded occasion, we’re celebrating a divine feline who happens to be named after the bread product.

Meet Bagel: Along with being named after a fabulous food, this kitty is also known as Sunglasses Cat. The reason for this nickname should be obvious; you can often spot Bagel rolling through the streets of Los Angeles with a pair of bedazzled shades perched on her nose.

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While the 2-year-old feline looks like a star in her sunglasses, she doesn’t wear them just for the sake of style. Bagel was born without eyelids and is unable to develop tears. She has had three surgeries to help correct the issue, but still needs daily eyes drops. Bagel wears her sunglasses to protect her eyes from debris and particles, which could easily scratch her corneas.

Bagel’s owner Karen McGill, who adopted the kitty from an L.A. shelter, says the glasses don’t bother this “cool” and “collected” kitty and that Bagel loves the extra attention she gets because of her functional and fabulous eyewear.

You can keep up with Bagel on her Instagram account, which already has over 28,000 followers.