A squirrel that's a clotheshorse? Meet Sugar Bush the squirrel who loves to get decked out in patriotic, glam and silly costumes.Form

Former country singer Kelly Foxton (sugarbush) says she’s had lots of pet squirrels in her life, but her current friend, Sugar Bush, has the charisma (and costumes) of a star. Foxton put the word out that she wanted a squirrel and when a work crew accidentally knocked down a nest, they brought her Sugar Bush.

They live in Boca Raton in a house that’s half photo studio, and includes many large cages filled with stuffed animals to play with. Sugar Bush eats “28 fresh fruits, nuts and veggies daily,” Foxton says. She has more than 2,000 costumes, but only plays dress-up when she feels like it–and demands perfectly fitted costumes, which Foxton alters herself. Sugar Bush is housetrained–she goes in a corner of her cage, which is cleaned daily.

“Kelly never overworks me & she always lets me snickerdoodle (goof off) when I’m not in the mood to pose,” Sugar Bush tells us. Foxton sells photos and cards along with squirrel stuffed animals on her Web site. Once the star of a military pin-up calendar, Foxton has her own unique way of supporting the troops now: She’ll send free wallet-sized photos of Sugar Bush in military action to service members.