'Suffering' Dog Left Outside Virginia Shelter in Cold Is 'Still Alive' with Rescue's Help

Olympus the dog is recovering at Richmond Animal Care and Control after he was found outside the shelter too weak to stand

Richmond Rescue Dog
Photo: Richmond Animal Care and Control

Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) is helping Olympus the rescue dog come back to life.

On Monday, the Virginia shelter posted on Facebook that they are taking care of a new resident after someone dumped a dog outside the rescue.

"This perfectly sweet, suffering dog was left at RACC outside of our Director's office window," the shelter wrote on Facebook along with photos of the canine, whom RACC named Olympus.

"He couldn't stand, was freezing cold, skin and bones, had dirt pouring out of his mouth and was so pitiful it broke our hearts," RACC added of the grey and white pup's condition.

In response to this shocking discovery, the RACC director scooped up the dog and placed him in her car with "her heated seats on high and the heat blaring to try and keep him alive long enough to reach the hospital."

Richmond Rescue Dog
Richmond Animal Care and Control

The director drove Olympus to Virginia Veterinary Centers, where veterinarians immediately started treating the dog.

"His temperature was too low to read and his blood pressure wasn't strong enough to place an IV. They warmed him up, started sub Q fluids and we prayed that his body could make a comeback. We are happy to report he has lived through the night," RACC wrote in their Monday Facebook post.

The shelter provided an update on the pup on Tuesday, letting their Facebook followers know that "Olympus is still alive and doing well"

Richmond Rescue Dog
Richmond Animal Care and Control

The follow-up post also stated an investigation is underway into who abandoned Olympus and it is moving forward, so the shelter "can't comment on any details" surrounding the dog's abandonment.

While Olympus focuses on healing, he will not be available for adoption. RACC wrote on Facebook that they will continue to provide updates on the dog's recovery and if his adoption status changes.

Those looking to help Olympus recover from the neglect he has experienced can contribute to his care on the RACC Foundation website.

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