July 29, 2009 08:14 PM

Each week we’ve introduced you to adorable animals in need of loving homes. Recently, we found out some great news about one adoptable pet we profiled: Merlin the dog has found a forever home!

PEOPLE Pets first introduced the 6-year-old mixed-breed earlier this month. The pooch, who was severely underweight and diagnosed with lymphoma, was living at the AZ Rescue in Phoenix, Ariz. But when Tammy and Frank Christensen of Chandler, Ariz., met Merlin, they fell in love.

“When we read Merlin’s personality profile on Rescue’s Web site, he just fit with our lifestyle,” Tammy tells PEOPLE Pets. “And he was so cute.” The couple had just lost their two dogs within two months of each other – one at 11, the other at 8. “We were really missing having four-legged kids in the house,” Tammy says. “We only lasted about three to four weeks before we started looking for a dog again!”

After applying to adopt Merlin, Tammy and Frank were contacted by AZ Rescue president Jennifer Berry, who told them about his lymphoma. “I was like, ‘Oh boy,’ ” recalls Tammy. “It wasn’t the cancer that had us afraid; it was losing another dog so soon. We weren’t sure we could bear losing another.” But after a meet-and-greet, the family was sold. “We couldn’t resist him!” says Tammy.

Now a few pounds heavier and happier, Merlin is settled into the Christensens’ home as the family explores various treatment options with an oncologist and veterinarian. “His cancer is terminal, so we can’t really extend his life,” Tammy says. “But there are treatment options that will improve his quality of life for as long as he lasts.” They’ve left him on the medicines Rescue started him on until a treatment plan is set.

For now, Merlin is just happy to be in a loving home. “I call him M&M for ‘Mellow Merlin,’ because he’s so laid-back,” says Tammy. “If you didn’t know him, you’d never know he has cancer. He’s such a loving dog. We feel really blessed to have him in our life. He brought happiness back to us.”

Keep up with Merlin’s progress on his blog!

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