The Michigan kitty spends his first day home hiding, but is warming up to his new owner

By People Staff
Updated December 08, 2009 02:17 AM

Two weeks ago we introduced you to Marvin, a one-eyed tuxedo cat living in Dearborn, Mich. He’d been at the Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter since June, after he was rescued out of a hoarding situation. Well, good news: Just two days after we profiled him, the little guy was adopted!

Dearborn-area resident Robert Muczynski had recently put one of his two cats down, and was ready for a new feline friend. “I only had him for three years,” he tells “I got him after I had to put another cat down. Last month, he developed some complications, and the vet diagnosed him with liver failure. Sadly, the writing was on the wall.”

Once he felt “psychologically ready” to welcome a new cat into his home, Muczynski, a big supporter of Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter, went on the organization’s Web site to look for the perfect cat – by his standards. “I joke that I generally go for the ‘biggest loser,’ the cat who’s been there the longest,” he says. “I know lots of people tend to be driven towards kittens or puppies – which is great – but I want to help the proverbial loser.” Muczynski was looking for an older pet to coexist with his surviving cat, and Marvin fit the bill. “He was the oldest cat at the shelter,” he recalls. “And the other thing I noticed – which is hard to miss – was that he only had one eye.”

After a visit to the shelter and a meet-and-greet with Marvin, Muczynski knew he’d found the one. “I met him first, and he was very friendly,” Muczynski says. “After that, I didn’t want to meet anyone else.”

Though Marvin’s first 48 hours at home were a bit rough – “he hid behind furniture in my basement,” Muczynski recalls – by the third day, he was upstairs and enjoying his new digs. Though Marvin hasn’t quite gelled with Muczynski’s other cat, he’s just happy to have two felines under his roof again. “The first round here with Marvin has been nothing but positive,” he says. Marvin doesn’t require any medical attention associated with his missing eye, although it does cause him to bump into things once in a while! “There are times when he bumps into me and I look down and am like, ‘What’s the deal?’ But he’s only looking out on half the world,” he explains. “It’s kind of endearing, actually.”

While he’s set with cats for now, Muczynski, who’s getting married next year, says a dog is next on his list. “And when that happens,” he says, “it’ll definitely be another adoption at the shelter.”