Teens kidnapped the goat, shaved half its body and painted it in their school's colors, breaking one of its legs in the process

Here’s a fun lesson for all you kids out there during grad season: No one, but the people behind a senior prank, actually remembers or cares about a senior prank.

I honestly can’t remember if there were any senior pranks at my high school: I went to one in a medium-sized Pennsylvania suburb, so it’s likely that there were, but clearly they didn’t make an impact.

Your senior prank has been done before. It’s not a good idea, whatever it is, and the only people talking about years down the line will be you and your buddies, long after your knees and lower backs have failed you, your best years are a swiftly fading memory and you’ve basically become all of the central characters in the Bruce Springsteen song “Glory Days.”

Ahem. I’m a little worked up about this, because a group of California teens are being investigated for animal cruelty after a five-year-old goat, kidnapped from her owner’s house, turned up with a half-shaven body painted with the school’s colors and a broken leg. The goat, Baby, died Thursday following surgery.

The “prank” was presumably performed by students of Ganesha High School in California, where the animal turned up the next day after going missing on May 19.

“If they can do this to an animal what can they do to a human?” the owner, who declined to be identified, told NBC Los Angeles. The Inland Valley Humane Society is currently investigating the incident.