Stunning Photo Book 'Dogs' Finds Beauty in the Ruff

The gorgeous picture book delves into dogs' details

We’ve seen a lot of dog books in our day, but none compare to the beauty that is photographer Tim Flach’s simply titled Dogs (Abrams, $50). The 215-page volume is filled with colorful, intricate photos that examine perfectly coiffed pups up close and from afar, in various states of motion.

Flach, who took similarly styled photos for the 2008 picture book Equus, traveled internationally to snap his intriguing shots, stopping off at shelters, homes and even the Westminster Dog Show. Siberian huskies are seen running through snow, jumping through the air, their eyes shining blue; while Pekingese are so fluffed up you can hardly tell you’re looking at a dog. The dramatic differences are amazing to see.

Accompanying text, written by Lewis Blackwell, colorfully discusses the history of many breeds: their physical characteristics, where they came from and why they’re so beloved to humans. But there’s hardly a need to read when the stunning photos say it all.

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