Study Shows Half of Women Would Rather Spend Friday Night with Their Dog Than Their Partner

The study also found that more than 40 percent of dog owners who responded have gotten a birthday cake just for their dog

The phrase “man’s bets friend” needs to expand to be more inclusionary.

A new study by Just Right by Purina, examining pet owners’ unique relationships with their furry friends, has unearthed some amazing information.

Of the more than 1,000 dog owners that responded to the 2018 Pets and People Survey, 95 percent agreed they saw their canine as part of the family.

Half of the female dog owners who responded to the survey went as far to as proclaim their pet as their favorite family member, admitting they prefer to spend time with their dog over their partner or another family member.

Woman lying on sofa using smartphone, pet dog licking her face

And who can blame them? Especially since 55 percent of those surveyed said their dog had at one time or another provided much-needed comfort after they had received bad news.

All this support means plenty of special treatment. Out of those polled, 40 percent said they have bought their dog a birthday cake, and 73 percent said they make sure their pet gets food before they do.

Love really is a beautiful thing, even when it is boiled down to numbers. To learn more about this study, and Just Right by Purina, click here.

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