An overwhelming number of dog owners can name at least one way their dogs have changed them for the better
Smiling man petting dog indoors
Credit: Tom Merton/Getty

It’s National Pet Day, another wonderful reason to celebrate the fur baby in your life that makes every moment a little bit better.

Now, there are numbers to back up that feeling. A recent study by BarkBox has found that pets don’t just make their owners happier, they make them all around better people.

Out of all the pet parents polled by BarkBox, 93% of dog dads and moms said they can easily name at least one way their pup has made them a better person by improving their emotional, behavioral or physical well-being.

Seven out of ten said it was as simple as getting out of bed in the morning. Waking up to a devoted dog has made greeting the day with enthusiasm easier for 71% of the dog owners polled. Others said their canines made them noticeably more patient (54%), responsible (52%) and affectionate (47%).

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If you are working towards better physical health, dogs are some of the best personal trainers. This study found that 83% of participants feel like their dog makes them more active, with 72% going as far to say that their furry friend has changed their exercise choices for the better.

So the next time your dog has an accident, remember it’s just one of the ways they are making you the best version of yourself.