The 11-week-old orphan kitten, who lost his two back legs to an injury, can finally move with ease

By Maria Yagoda
Updated September 28, 2015 08:18 PM

Born and abandoned in the woods in Langley, British Columbia, a kitten named Cassidy faced an uphill battle from the very beginning.

The 11-week-old kitten suffered an injury that resulted in the loss of both of his back legs, meaning he could only move by dragging himself.

Josh Messmer and Isaiah Walker, two technology-inclined twelfth grade students, heard Cassidy’s story and decided to build a wheelchair to help the kitten get around easily. They designed the device using their school’s 3D printer — and now the kitten will be using the wheelchair permanently.

“They really are giving Cassidy a second chance to have a really great life,” says Shelly Roche, who works at the volunteer-run TinyKittens Society that cared for Cassidy. “Having a wheelchair is going to give him independence and be great for his spirit.”

The device took only six hours to design and create, and Messmer and Walker will make new parts as Cassidy grows.

Watch the kitten’s (adorable) progress on the society’s live webcams now.