Stuck Cat - Pets
Credit: Source: aktfps/Twitter

Sometimes you get stuck between a rock and a hard place, and sometimes you get stuck between a bed and a scratching post.

Twitter user Aktfps happened to catch her cat, Milk-chan, in such a position and managed to get a photo. The white and black feline was trying to decided between jumping on the bed or scratching her post, and ended up attempting to do both.

The choice, and resulting picture Aktfps posted on Twitter, has become an Internet sensation, with over 145,000 people retweeting the shot of Milk-chan’s peculiar pose.

Understandably, the kitty’s shocked face and twisted arms have made her perfect for parody memes.

Those worried that Milk-chan was hurt during her two-paw twist can rest easy. Her owner says the cat was only stuck in that position for a few seconds and is in good health — except for a slightly bruised ego.