Stray Kitty Roaming Set of Ellen DeGeneres' Show

Ellen DeGeneres feeds the stray kitty seen roaming the set of her talk show.

When Ellen DeGeneres and the crew of her TV show set up a 24-hour web cam to capture what goes on after-hours on the set of the show, they were all surprised at what they saw. On a couple of occasions a stray kitty crept onto Ellen’s stage after-hours! So, being the animal lover that she is, DeGeneres put out some food for the kitty (Halo Purely for Pets, the brand that she is part-owner of) and a cat tree for it to cozy up to. The kitty came back and gobbled up the food with gusto! Check out extended footage of the mystery kitty and watch the live stream which many viewers are finding very addictive. A rep for DeGeneres says that the star has no plans to adopt the cat right now.

Should Ellen adopt the stray kitty? Leave your thoughts in the comment below!

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