Western PA Humane Society
October 19, 2016 05:42 PM

A stray that got her paw caught in an illegal hunting trap is now in the safe hands of the Western PA Humane Society, according to WTAE News, who reported the story. The recovering pup is now facing leg amputation.

The injured dog, named Nittany, was in poor condition when she was found in a residential area in Pennsylvania, running loose with a hunting trap caught on her leg, a Facebook post from the Humane Society said on Tuesday.

The combined efforts of numerous rescuers helped get the dog the medical care she desperately needed.

“Everyone came together, including members of the community, to figure out the patterns of where Nittany would go,” the Facebook post said. “After Dee [Ryan] and Rose [Sinciline] spent two days trying to catch Nitanny, they got her [and] immediately took her to Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center where she spent the night.”

The dog was later brought to the shelter where she is recovering. “As you can see, she is a very loving girl and has gone through a lot,” the post says. “This story highlights the danger of hunting traps for dogs, even on public land and in residential areas.”

A spokesperson for the humane society told PEOPLE that Nittany will be seen by a vet on Wednesday and that she will most likely need her leg amputated.

Even with all she’s been through, Nittany hasn’t shown aggression toward those trying to help her.

“This little girl is truly the sweetest pup,”  volunteer Rose Sinciline wrote on Facebook. “Despite all her pain and fear she has never shown anything but gentleness.”

To help pay for the pup’s care, visit their website.

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