The pup, now named Betsey, is in a temporary foster home thanks to the nonprofit Mr Bones & Co.


A New York City animal rescue says an abandoned dog sat alone for over an hour in a New York City subway station last week before receiving help from passersby.

Mr. Bones & Co., a N.Y.C. non-profit, shared an Instagram video of the dog sitting on the floor of Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal, where a rescuer spotted the dog, now named Betsey, and realized she needed help.

“Passerby @iliket waited with Betsey until she was picked up by our city animal control, whom were contacted after she called the @NYPD,” the post says. “Despite an incoming family of ten dogs and the sudden return of two others to our program, we were compelled to step in, not only for Betsey, but because of Sarah’s compassion and her decision to not be like hundreds of other strangers who just walked by a dog in distress.”

In an Instagram post of her own, the woman who helped Betsey at the subway station said the pooch has a laundry list of ailments.

“It is believed that this girl spent her life on concrete, not walked and malnourished. She has significant and painful damage on her paw pads, drastically overgrown nails, significant muscle loss, and bloating,” the post said.

Thanks to the rescue’s help, Betsey is now in temporary foster care and is “learning what it’s like to live in a home for what may be the first time with her temporary foster mom Heather Wopat.”

They believe Betsey is a victim of backyard breeding and part of an epidemic in many cities of dumping “throwaway mamas.”

“This is the face of just one of thousands who are cast aside when they are no longer of use to their owner,” a post from Bones & Co. says.

Despite the way the pup was cruelly dumped, Betsey is slowly bouncing back. Her foster mother has been working with her on crate and house training, the post says, as well as basic commands in order to set her up for success in her longer term foster home and for an eventual adoptive home.

The rescue is still in need of a long term foster or permanent family for Betsey, preferably in a quiet suburban environment. To apply to foster or adopt her, visit its website.