September 14, 2015 04:34 PM

The staff of the Best Friends Sanctuary in Jamestown, Tennessee, discovered a shocking and troubling sight when they returned to work on Friday morning. 

According to WBIR, a stranger broke into the animal shelter on Thursday night and forced two dogs into the same cage. Workers believe the intruder then forced the dogs to fight, because both the canines were bloody and severely injured when they were found the next morning. 

Sharon Cravens, the president of Best Friends Sanctuary, told WBIR that she noticed an area of the barbed wire fence surrounding the shelter that was noticeably pushed down. This leads her to believe the invader hopped the fence, unlocked the cage of Sam the pit bull and then forced the dog into the same cage as Bucky the boxer. Sam and Bucky were still in the same cage on Friday morning, covered in blood and puncture wounds. Sam was standing in the cage, while Bucky was lying on the ground. 

“It’s just sad to see that someone would be that evil and put two dogs to watch it for a show, you know, to put them through that,” Cravens said.

Unfortunately, Bucky’s injuries from this sinister stunt were so severe that the dog was euthanized shortly after being removed from his cage. Sam is currently being treated and is expected to be back at full health and ready for adoption in a few weeks. 

Volunteers at the shelter say Sam is a playful, loving and sweet dog that would have to be seriously provoked to hurt another living thing. 

“When you get him out and take him for a walk, it’s like walking a puppy,” volunteer Chrissi Colquitt shared about Sam. “He is the sweetest dog you can imagine.”

Best Friends Sanctuary is working with the police to find whoever is behind this cruel act. Anyone with any information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Jamestown Police Department at 931-879-5871.


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