Strange '3 Little Pigs' Houses Built at Site of Pig Truck Crash

It's unclear how many of the piglets may still be at large

Last week, a semi truck carrying 2,200 piglets crashed on US-35 West outside of Dayton, Ohio. Sadly, up to 1,100 of the piglets were killed, and though over 1,000 were recovered and taken to local fairgrounds, a few remain out in the wild, much to the consternation of Greene County Sheriff’s Office Major Rick Bowman.

“We don’t want to have a feral pig problem,” Bowman told WLWT, “and that’s why [the Ohio Department of Natural Resources] is involved and going to help us. We don’t want this thing to grow up and be wild.”

The recovery efforts have been going on all week, which catches us up to the most recent development: Three Little Pigs-style houses – one brick, one straw, and one made of twigs – have appeared along the highway by the crash site.

No one’s come forward to claim responsibility for the houses, which are still standing – absent any wolf to huff and puff and blow them all down – and there’s no word on whether they’ve accrued any residents yet.

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