Sasha the puppy had only been with the Hood family for a week when she was taken

November 09, 2017 03:49 PM

Two best friends are back together again.

They were torn apart on Monday, when burglars entered a Melbourne, Australia, home and took several valuables, include an 8-week-old Labrador puppy that belonged to one of the home’s residents: 4-year-old Maia.

While the Hood family was upset to find their jewelry and electronics missing, they were “devastated” when they realized the thieves took Sasha the puppy as well, reports BBC.

Sasha had only been a part of the family for a week when she was stolen, but had already formed a deep bond with the Hoods, especially with Maia, who considered the baby dog to be her best friend.

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In response to the crime, the Hood family went public with a plea for Sasha’s safe return.

Courtesy Victoria Police

The message must have reached the puppy-nappers, because on Thursday morning, Sasha appeared in the backyard of the Hood home.

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The family didn’t see how the dog was returned, but are overjoyed to have her back. Sasha sustained no injuries during her time away, but apparently has developed a deep interest in shoes.

Police officers looking into the burglary are excited to see Sasha returned but are still pressing on with their investigation. All of the other valuables stolen from the home are still missing.

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