When times got tough, these Wall Streeters started shearing!

By People Staff
Updated November 19, 2008 06:33 PM

When Long Island stockbrokers Daniel Quinn and Joseph Cocomero saw their jobs slip away before their eyes last year, they weren’t quite sure what their next career moves would be. Turns out, the answer was at the other end of their dog’s leashes – dog grooming! A franchise broker presented the idea of opening a franchise of Aussie Pet Mobile, a trailer-based groomer that comes directly to client’s homes. Quinn and Cocomero were sold, and in 2007, attended training at Aussie Pet’s California headquarters. After hiring a staff of three full-time and one part-time employee, they launched their Long Island franchise, hoping for the best. As it turned out, the demand for their service was there, and in three months’ time, the duo more than doubled their profits.

Saving on storefront expenses such as rent, heat and electricity, the company is fairly low-maintenance, and Quinn and Cocomero don’t even have to lift a paw, per se, themselves. They use only green products, and since leaving the New York Stock Exchange trading floor, have come to appreciate what really matters to pets. “When the dogs have really dry skin in the wintertime, they love the aloe wrap,” Cocomero said. “It’s a wrap with warm towels so it sinks into the skin, and it relaxes them.”
Kate Hogan