September 24, 2009 10:15 PM

A fierce little feline is an unquestionable survivor, after falling victim to what can only be described as a petty, heartless prank. A young female cat was found helplessly abandoned, wrapped from neck to paws in duct tape in North Philadelphia on Tuesday, and was brought to the Pennsylvania SPCA for treatment.

Upon examination, the PSPCA staff, who dubbed the feline “Sticky,” realized that the poor pet would need very special attention to remove her from this cruel and very sticky situation.

After removing the outer shell of duct tape, the staff was shocked to find that not only had the abuser wrapped Sticky’s body numerous times, they also started to wrap her two front legs and back legs together.

“It wasn’t just one wrap around,” Angela Messer, PSPCA’s Forensic Case Manager and Supervisor of Shelter Nursing tells PEOPLE Pets. “Someone methodically wrapped this around and around and around.”

And based on the amount of tape recovered, Messer estimates an entire roll of duct tape was used in this crime. The domestic short-haired cat was sedated as Messer and her team removed the tape as carefully as possible so that they could preserve and use it as evidence.

Thankfully, despite the pressure and restraints that kept Sticky captive, and being slightly underweight, no other permanent damage was done. Estimating she had been bound for just a few days, Sticky immediately returned to her calm, caring and peaceful personality once she was mobile again.

“She was up and she was about,” Messer says, “Being very affectionate.” And despite the cruelty done unto her, Sticky remains a very people-friendly feline.

With the trauma behind her, Sticky, estimated to be between nine-months and one-year-old, can now look forward to better days. While the rescue organization continues to search for Sticky’s owner, the high-profiled pet is already receiving numerous offers for a new home. But until the investigation for her attacker is officially closed, she remains in the comfort of her saviors at the PSPCA, who promise to keep her “as comfortable as possible,” Messer says.

The $1,000 reward that was originally offered for information leading to the conviction of those involved has now jumped up to $2,000 in just two days. To contribute, you can visit and make a donation.

And while Sticky’s story is inhumane and unacceptable, her story is just one of many animal cruelty cases that occur every day in this country. “We have so many other cats that come in from such horrible situations,” Messer tells us. “They all need homes too.”

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