November 18, 2015 10:14 PM

Since taking over The Late Show, Stephen Colbert has welcomed actors, pop stars and politicians onto his program. On Monday night, he had his first group of feline guests, and they were … unimpressed. 

Billed as The Amazing Acro-Cats, these kitties are trained to jump through hoops, balance on balls and perform other astounding tricks. But once the cages were open on Colbert’s stage, the furry performers were more interested in showing off their normal cat skills, such as scratching, shyness and ignoring all given directions in favor of doing their own thing. 

While there were a few jumps and acts that could be deemed “amazing” for one of the world’s more apathetic animals, most of the stunts were pantomimed by their cat lady assistants, or performed by Colbert himself. 

An understanding cat lover, the host was happy to don some ears and paw around the stage to the delight of the audience, and probably the Acro-Cats too. 

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