There's a new street animal in town intent on eating your snacks

Bagel Pigeon isn’t the mascot this city needs — he’s the mascot this city deserves.

On Sunday, a Reddit user named connierubirosa posted a photo of a pigeon wearing a bagel as a necklace, perched on a grimy gate. Her caption? “Most New York photo I’ve ever taken.”

The photo’s appeal is not just the jarring juxtaposition of bagel and pigeon, but the bird’s attitude. The way he stares at — and angles toward — the camera seems to suggest, “What you gonna do about it? Don’t be mad because I’m doing me better than you doing you.”

To be fair, who hasn’t been in Bagel Pigeon’s position after a boozy East Village brunch?

And that’s why BP is the perfect mascot for this city and America itself: He both represents the populace and offers aspirational appeal.

Sorry, Pizza Rat.