May 03, 2016 08:07 PM

He’s a very good boy, yes he is.

Texas, an almost 2-year-old bloodhound K9 unit with the Connecticut state police, assisted in the rescue of an 89-year-old Woodbury woman with Alzheimer’s disease on Sunday.

The woman was reported missing Sunday evening, and after about two hours, State Trooper Kerry Halligan and Texas were brought in. The pair located the woman after about 40 minutes of searching, a quarter-mile from her home, disoriented and cold.

Though German shepherds can assist in tracking in their capacity as K9 units, bloodhounds are used by police agencies to pick up where shepherds leave off, since the latter breed are more effective at sniffing out suspects or missing persons. They’re adept at isolating an individual scent in an already-contaminated area and have been bred for centuries (scent-uries?) to track.

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