The adult dog named Effie was just 14 pounds when Christine Luffey rescued her from a neglectful home

A full grown pit bull who weighed just 14 pounds when she was found living in a neglectful home in January, will spend forever with the police officer who helped save her life.

The Western PA Humane Society held a press conference on Monday, celebrating the adoption of Effie the dog by City of Pittsburgh Police Officer Christine Luffey.

Luffey was one of the officers who helped bring the abused pup out of a neglectful home and into the Western PA Humane Society’s care, a press release said. She was also instrumental in bringing animal cruelty charges against Effie’s previous owner.

“This is a happy day for the thousands of people in the Pittsburgh community who have shown such great support for Effie’s recovery since she came to the Western PA Humane Society in January,” said Hala Nuemah, Managing Director, Western PA Humane Society. “We congratulate the Luffey family on the new addition to their family and thank them for their commitment to Effie’s health and happiness.”

Effie’s previous owner, Gerald Walker, was found guilty of willfully maiming an animal and charged with misdemeanor one and is currently serving 18 months probation. Walker must pay a fine of $1,000 and is not allowed to care for or own any animals during his probation.

The details of Effie’s past are sickening. A spokesperson told PEOPLE Effie had ingested things like orange peels and undergarments, trying to fill herself up, and she underwent emergency surgery earlier this year to remove the blockage.

“We really didn’t think she would make it through surgery,” said senior marketing manager Caitlin Lasky, “but here we are!”

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