Stand Up for Pits expects to pay for about 600 spay/neuter surgeries during its annual Spay/Neuter Angel Day


Two years after her death, Angel the “pit bull type” dog is still saving countless canine lives.

The endearing pooch, who died on April 2, 2016, is still the face and inspiration behind her owner’s non-profit the Stand Up For Pits Foundation (SUFP), a group dedicated to fighting the negative stereotype that surrounds pit bull type dog breeds and saving these dogs from horrendous situations.

Rebecca Corry started the group after adopting Angel in 2009.

“She suffered severe abuse and was found in south Los Angeles,” Corry tells PEOPLE. “I adopted her and shortly after that, became educated about what was happening to these dogs and started a non-profit that has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for rescues.”

As a tribute to her departed friend and ambassador, Corry and her foundation have started to save even more dogs with Spay/Neuter ANGEL Day.

Credit: Courtesy Stand Up For Pits Foundation

This annual event, which occurs on the anniversary of Angel’s death, involves setting up free spay/neuter clinics for pit bull type dogs across the United States. Last year SUFP set up nine clinics, this year it has 11, which will perform an estimated 600 spay/neuter surgeries that the foundation is donating $38,000 to make happen at no cost to dog owners.

For Corry, who knows the sad facts of shelter overpopulation in America, this is a vital day for protecting the future of all homeless animals. According to Corry, one unaltered female dog and her puppies can create 67,000 dogs in six years, if none of the dogs are spayed or neutered.

Credit: Courtesy Stand Up For Pits Foundation

“So if we are fixing 600, you do the math on that. That’s the potential to save millions of lives,” she adds.

Corry hopes efforts like this open animal lovers’ eyes to the importance of spay/neuter efforts. While donating to a vital initiative like spay/neuter clinics may not be as cute as giving funds to the care of one rescue dog, these donations will go on to change countless lives.

“The best way to save dogs from the shelter is not letting them get in there to begin with,” sums up Corry.

To learn more about Spay/Neuter Angel Day and the SUFP Foundation, visit the non-profit’s website.