Gema doesn't let her differences slow her down or keep her from having fun at Stray Rescue of Saint Louis

By Kelli Bender
February 05, 2020 04:30 PM
Courtesy Stray Rescue of Saint Louis

Gema the great dane mix was born with a little something extra.

The puppy was born with a fifth paw and is currently under the care of Stray Rescue of Saint Louis.

According to the rescue, their staff ended up looking after Gema after her original owners called the rescue for help. Gema was born into a litter of several other puppies, but only she had a unique deformity. When the puppy’s original family saw that the puppy had an extra paw and other differences, they called the Stray Rescue of Saint Louis for advice and ultimately decided to surrendered Gema to the rescue.

“When her original family reached out to us for help, of course we immediately brought Gema into the Stray Rescue family. They did what was in the best interest of this little puppy, and we commend them for that. She will get everything she needs to have the brightest future possible,” said Cassady Caldwell, executive director of the rescue, said in a statement.

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Stray Rescue of Saint Louis is now focusing on figuring out the best way to medically assist Gema, so she can have the happiest and healthiest life possible.

“At Stray Rescue of St. Louis, we exhaust all efforts to provide the medical care every animal needs, regardless of cost. We believe every soul deserves the chance to live a life of love and comfort, and we will stop at nothing to give them that chance,” the rescue shared in a release about Gema.

Courtesy Stray Rescue of Saint Louis

Along with having a fifth paw attached to one of her front legs, 3-month-old Gema is three times smaller than her siblings, but she doesn’t let that slow her down.

Gema loves to play, even though she tires faster than some dogs, and also adores cuddles. Her caretakers say that Gema also has great balance and coordination since she has become a pro at using her back legs, often standing up like a kangaroo.

Courtesy Stray Rescue of Saint Louis

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The next step for this sweetheart is a full medical examination. After considering all of the options available to Gema, Stray Rescue of Saint Louis will pick the path that is best for the pup. The rescue isn’t sure if surgery is in Gema’s future, but they plan to keep their supporters updated on this five-pawed superstar.

You can learn more about Gema and donate to her medical care by visiting the rescue’s website.