Since Day 1 these furry students at the Southeastern Guide Dogs Puppy Academy have been working towards an amazing future

By Kelli Bender
February 27, 2018 10:40 AM

Meet the proud, precious members of the Southeastern Guide Dogs Puppy Academy in Palmetto, Florida.

While it may look like these pups are just palling around, they are actually up to much more.

All of these golden retrievers, labradors and “goldadors” are working to become service dogs for the visually-impaired and veterans with disabilities.

Dogs born into this prestigious academy start training when they are just days old.

Since service dogs need to be comfortable with all types of sounds, sights, surface and surroundings, puppy trainees are introduced to a variety of toys and tactile experiences at an early age.

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The puppies will experience more targeted training as they grow, until these tiny superheroes are fully trained and certified service dogs.

About 250 puppies pass through the Puppy Academy each year, taking their first paw steps to greatness on Day 1.