South Carolina Police Save Kitten Stuck Under Hood of Car

Before pulling the kitten out of the car, police tried to lure her out with a feather duster

Photo: Spartanburg Police Department

A black kitten went from bad luck to good thanks to South Carolina’s Spartanburg Police Department.

According WSPA, the police were called in to help a kitten stuck under the hood of car on Sunday. Officers tried to lure the curious cat out with a feather duster, but the feline didn’t take the bait.

Eventually, an officer was able to reach her hand into the car and grab on to the bundle of fluff.

“[The cat] immediately started to love on [the officer’s] hand and after a little bit of maneuvering [the officer] was able to grab her scruff and pull her out,” the department wrote of the incident on its Facebook page.

The kitten, who appeared to be unharmed by her journey into the vehicle, was given the name Priscilla, since the car she was pulled out of was located in the parking lot of a Priscilla McCall’s clothing store.

Priscilla has relocated from car hood to caring shelter. She is currently staying at the Spartanburg Humane Society, while the shelter waits to see if an owner comes forward. If no one claims the kitten, she will be placed up for adoption.

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