Brees the Labrador was found clinging to the side of a bank in a creek

By Amy Jamieson
Updated October 14, 2015 01:00 PM

A South Carolina family’s dog has been deemed “very lucky” by a veterinarian after surviving a 200-foot journey through a drainpipe in the aftermath of the deadly floods that recently ravaged the state.

According to ABC News 4, Tyler Bates, 14, was playing with his pooch Brees outside in the yard on Oct. 3, in water that remained from the storm, when the dog was sucked into a drainage pipe.

“She was swimming, started going around and around, and was gone,” Tyler said of the whirlpool-like drain, which is pictured below.

Frightened for his dog, Tyler yelled for his mom, Delynn Morgan, and she and her husband Steve Morgan came outside. When an attempt by Steve to fish the dog out with his feet failed, they ran to the other end of the 200-foot drain to see if Brees was there, ABC News said.

DeLynn Morgan

After they didn’t find her there, the family began to fear the worst. “We flashed the flashlights here in the water, didn’t see her come out. That’s when we really felt the desperation and the sense of loss kick in,” Steve Morgan said.

They held onto hope that Brees would use her strong swimming skills to find her way out of there.

Steve Morgan and a neighbor went to the end of the neighborhood, about 100 yards away, where Brees was found clinging to the side of a bank in a creek. She had cuts, bruises and labored breathing, so they took her to Charleston Veterinary Referral Center for treatment.

“Brees is a very lucky dog,” Dr. David Sachs told ABC News 4. “I think the fact that Brees is a really well conditioned and a young Labrador, not overweight, really aided in her ability to come out of this virtually unscathed.”

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