This singer had a real-life Disney princess moment with her new feathered friend

By Saryn Chorney
February 13, 2018 03:10 PM

Little girls and boys who grow up watching animated Disney movies often dream of one day having a special relationship with a wild animal. Think: Aladdin’s monkey Abu, or Ariel’s fish friend Flounder. Recently, a woman named Gabrielle Lima, from São Paulo, Brazil, had a very Cinderella — or in this case, especially — Snow White-esque moment singing to a little bird who happened to land on her finger.

In her Instagram post of the sweet and softly stunning interaction, Lima writes,”Branca de neve passando para dizer boa noite!!! Kkkk gratidão #boanoite.” Translated from Portuguese, that means: “Snow White passing by to say good night !!! Kkkk gratitude #goodnight”

The video, which was posted to Youtube on Jan. 31, has a headline that translates (roughly) to, “He paused on my hand and didn’t want to leave, started to sing and he has not stopped looking at me.” With over 112,000 views to date, fans of this caught-on-camera, magical avian-human bond are as captivated by this pair as the bird is mesmerized by Lima’s pretty voice.

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The name of the song? “Blue Prince.”

So, next time a curious bird lands near (or on!) you, forget the bread crumbs and try a lullaby. You might just have a friend for life, or at least a very special duet partner.