The six-year-old Xanda was the oldest son of Cecil the lion

By Kelli Bender
July 20, 2017 01:44 PM
Cecil the Lion at Hwange National Parks Ngweshla Pan area, Zimbabwe.
Credit: Getty

Cecil the lion‘s oldest son, six-year-old Xanda, has been killed by a trophy hunter.

According to The Guardian, Xanda was shot down outside the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe by trophy hunters not far from where Cecil perished.

This tragic death comes just two years after Cecil was lured out of the same animal reserve and killed by Minnesota dentist Dr. Walter Palmer as part of a game hunt, causing global outrage that led to the temporary shut down of Dr. Palmer’s office.

Xanda’s death was the result of a game hunt organized by private hunter Richard Cook. The identity of Cook’s clients, who likely paid thousands for the opportunity to kill Xanda and other African mammals, have not been revealed.

There is little that can be done legally in response to the lion’s death, since he was shot outside Hwange National Park. Andrew Loveridge, the Oxford University scientist who fitted Xanda with a tracking collar, knew Cecil’s son and other lions were spending a growing amount of time outside the park but told The Daily Telegraph, “there is not much we can do about that.”

Loveridge added, “Richard Cooke is one of the ‘good’ guys. He is ethical and he returned the collar and communicated what had happened. His hunt was legal and Xanda was over six years old so it is all within the stipulated regulations.”

To prevent the loss of more animals to big game hunts, Loveridge is campaigning that a no-hunting zone be placed in the areas abutting the park, to protect the animals that roam outside of Hwange.

Xanda died several days ago, leaving behind several young cubs. He was among the 13 sons and daughters 13-year-old Cecil left behind when he was killed in 2015.