For cats who prefer the finer things in life, Jake and Micah presents organic sushi toys.

By People Staff
November 25, 2008 06:50 PM

Your cat may not be able to travel to Japan, but you can bring the flavors of the country to him or her with Jake & Micah’s organic catnip maki sushi ($6.99 each, $20.95 for all three). Made with 100 percent cotton “seaweed paper,” the rolls are just a few inches in circumference and come stuffed with premium organic catnip covered in colored felt to emulate yellowtail, salmon and tuna sushi.

Is kitty not a fan of maki? Jake & Micah also offers catnip handrolls, wontons and green tea, plus fortune cookies for dessert! There are Swiss rolls and cannoli, too, for cats that prefer European cuisine. Bon appetit!
Kate Hogan