Spoonflower.com hopes to one day present all 90 pillows as a gift to the monarch at Buckingham Palace

By Amy Jamieson
Updated June 10, 2016 05:28 PM

The Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations just wouldn’t be complete without corgis.

Spoonflower.com — a website that lets users design, print, and sell their own fabric — has created 90 of the Queen’s beloved breed in pillow-form as a tribute to everyone’s favorite monarch.

“It is a token of our affection and admiration for the Queen – and her life-long love of corgis,” said Allison Polish, president of Spoonflower, which has released photographs showing the 90 corgi pillows, plus one body-pillow of the Queen herself (because these dogs needed a dog walker!).

Why pillows and why now?http://www.spoonflower.com

“This year,” Polish adds, “marks not just the Queen’s 90th birthday but also – less remarked – the 83rd anniversary of her love affair with corgis.”

The pillow part, well, that’s probably just because everyone wants to hug the royal and her corgis, but can’t.

  • The Queen, who is believed to have owned dozens of corgis in her lifetime, currently has two, Willow and Holly. She also owns two Dachshund-corgi crosses (known as dorgis), named Candy and Vulcan. She posed with her quartet on the cover of Vanity Fair in April.
  • What will become of these pillow pals once the Queen’s birthday bash is over? The company is sending two specially produced extra corgi pillows as a gift to the Queen – one each for Holly and Willow.

They also hope to one day present all 90 pillows as a gift at Buckingham Palace. If that doesn’t work out (hey, she’s a busy lady!), Spoonflower may consider auctioning them in aid of one of the Queen’s favorite charities.

They should also consider giving some of them to us for repeated Instagram use. Just a thought.