October 21, 2015 08:56 PM

やっと三毛猫さんのボストンバッグが完成しました…!(ノ´∀`)ノ 宜しければ覗いて見て下さい(*´Д`*) pic.twitter.com/EGWKFH0hEr

— 猫製作pico (@picopoco08) September 23, 2015


Don’t have time for a cat? A handmade kitty bag may be the purr-fect compromise!

There’s just two small things you’ll need to do: Move to Japan and drop about $700 on it.

These creations are the handiwork of Twitter user @picopoco08, who shares adorable pics of the wide-eyed kitty purses on her page and sells them in Japan. A picture of one of her bags fetched over 10,000 retweets in Septembercat-atapulting her work into the Twitterverse, where people have deemed them totally paw-some.

According to Rocket News, @picopoco08 airbrushes the bags with acrylic paint for a very life-like look, and has sold some of her wares on Japan’s Yahoo! Auction — one for roughly $700 and another for about $500.

本日もお知らせ流させて頂きますm(_ _)m 明日終了ですが猫さんのフェイスショルダーバッグを出品しております(^◇^) 宜しければ覗いてみて下さい(´ω`) pic.twitter.com/DhQf3ZVWTs

— 猫製作pico (@picopoco08) August 8, 2015


Too purr-icey for your taste? It’s totally free to follow the purse maker (and cat-lover) on Twitter and marvel at her cute photos — so do that, right meow.

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